A thought for all Chadian families.

We learned with amazement of the death of Mr. Idriss Deby ITNO. The President of the Republic of Chad 🇹🇩.

 In these tragic conditions, we present, in the name of Africa and in my own name our sincere condolences to the whole of the Chadian people, receivet the solidarity of the African people.

 The late Idriss Deby was among others, an exceptional soldier.

 A radical and murderous dictator.

 An ally of the FRANÇAFRIQUE carcinogen, but a final bulwark against terrorists in the Sahel.

 He died on the front line (if the information reported by the military is true)

 It will be, for Men and Women, endowed with reason and experience, impossible to sum up Idriss Deby in a single facet when one knew the complexity of Man.

 A thought for all Chadian families, who were in one way or another, struck by his bloodthirsty regime.

 And on the other, a thought for all those who have a sense of political analysis, lucid and cold, know that through his death, the Sahel risks being even more destabilized. 

Africa in the real world is complex.

Deby was a materialized example.

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