Agro and dmg project to make a clean energy for mining

The u-turn made by elon musk was incredible after his joke went viral on dodge-coin ,the ceo of Tesla made it clear that he won't be accepting bitcoin on purchase of cars from his company ,be cause of the the emmision caused when it been minned which lead to environmental pollution. 

He stated that a clean energy should be used instead of emitting carbon into the air .

In March 2021, Argo and DMG signed an agreement that allowed them to launch a Bitcoin mining pool powered entirely by clean energy. Peter Wall, the CEO of Argo, noted at the time that moving towards “green” Bitcoin would help address the issue of climate change.

Clean Bitcoin Mining project launched by Argo and DMG

DMG Blockchain Solutions and Argo Blockchain have announced a partnership that will see the two eco-focused blockchain companies work towards the decarbonisation of the crypto industry.


Signed under the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA), the partnership is to work towards achieving net-zero emissions from all crypto-related operations, especially mining. The CCA is a Paris Climate Accord-inspired entity, whose major objective is to foster transparency from crypto participants regarding a move towards clean mining.


According to a press release published on 14 March 2021 , DMG and Argo are founding members of the CCA, which provides them with an opportunity to steer the market to energy targets by 2030.


Commenting on the partnership with DMG Blockchain Solutions, CEO Sheldon Bennett noted the company’s commitment to “transparency and good governance.” According to him, collaborating with Argo allows it to apply the above values towards a sustainable crypto industry.


Together, we can finally put the wheels in motion to transition the cryptocurrency industry into one that focuses on renewable energy,” he added.

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