Airdrops: Between Hope, Illusion And Frustration.



Earning money or cryptocurrencies for free on the Internet, without having to "consume" much of our scarce time, is a difficult task, if not almost impossible. However, there are always some avenues that we can take advantage of to achieve some profits. One of these ways is cryptocurrency airdrops.


What are airdrops? Airdrops are a way to distribute cryptocurrency or tokens for free to users who meet certain requirements, such as registering on a platform, following a social media account, downloading an app, or performing a specific task. The goal of airdrops is to generate interest and publicity about a new project, increase the number of users, and encourage the adoption of blockchain technology.


These airdrops can be an opportunity to make profits without investing money, since some of the tokens distributed can increase in value in the future or be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, they can be a way to learn about new innovative projects and participate in your communities.


However, not all airdrops are the same or offer the same advantages. Some may be scams, others may have very demanding or complex requirements, and others may not be worth it due to the low value or illiquidity of the tokens given. Therefore, it is important to do your research before participating in an airdrop and take precautions to protect our privacy and security.


I tell you that I started participating in airdrops a few years ago looking (like everyone else 😀) for a way to obtain free cryptocurrencies. I thought it was a great idea, since I could try different projects and platforms without having to invest. During that period I would look for any airdrops that appeared on the internet and write down whether they were interesting or not.


However, I soon realized that it was not as easy or as profitable as I thought. Some of the airdrops turned out to be scams, who just wanted to steal my personal data or waste my time. Others simply didn't give me anything, because I didn't meet all the requirements or because they ran out of tokens before I arrived. The few I got weren't of much use to me, because the tokens I received were either very low in value or couldn't be sold anywhere.


At one point I felt overwhelmed by the amount of options and possibilities there were on the internet. New airdrops were coming out every day and I couldn't keep up. It was very difficult for me to stay up to date with all the news, verify the veracity or quality of each airdrop, and complete all the tasks that were asked of me. In the end, I ended up leaving a lot of airdrops incomplete, so I didn't qualify to receive the tokens.


At this point you will wonder why I still believe in airdrops? Despite everything, I have not lost hope or interest in airdrops. I still think that they are a way to start from the beginning in new projects and support the development of blockchain technology. There are many worthwhile airdrops that offer quality tokens and potential, while having reasonable and transparent requirements.


For this reason, I eventually continue searching for and participating in airdrops, but with more discretion and caution. Now, before signing up for an airdrop, I try to research the project, the team, the token, the market and the community. I also review the conditions and steps I need to follow, and make sure they do not compromise my privacy or security. And above all, I do not let myself be carried away by greed or promises of easy profits.


Finally, I leave you the links to some airdrops that I consider interesting, but remember, don't just trust my opinion, do your own research and make your own decisions.








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