All You Need Is Love (☮ ❤ ₿)



There are many dates that are related to love, but perhaps the best known is February 14, "Love Day", a date that invites us to reflect on the meaning and importance of this universal feeling. But love is not only an emotion that is expressed between two people, but also an attitude that can be expressed towards life, nature, humanity and the future. A while ago someone asked me why I eventually use the hippie symbols, the heart and the bitcoin, my first thought has always been "...because I like them...", but I must confess that they also represent three different ways of understanding and practicing love.


The hippie symbol (☮), also known as the peace sign, was created in 1958 by British artist Gerald Holtom, inspired by the letters N and D of the traffic light alphabet, which mean "nuclear disarmament." This symbol was adopted by the hippie movement, which emerged in the 60s and 70s as a counterculture that rejected war, consumerism, violence and oppression, and advocated peace, love, freedom, harmony and respect for nature.


They were characterized by their alternative lifestyle, their psychedelic music, their colorful art and their search for spirituality (yes, I won't overlook it: also the use of hallucinogenic drugs 😀). Hippies believed in love as a force capable of transforming the world and uniting people beyond differences of race, religion, nationality or social class. Some of the most famous mottos of the hippies were "make love, not war", "flower power" or "all you need is love".


The heart (❤) is the most universal and recognizable symbol of romantic love, that feeling that is experienced when you meet the person with whom you want to share your life. The origin of the heart as a symbol of love dates back to ancient times, although I have not found references to how this shape came to be associated with the vital organ. Some theories suggest that the heart was inspired by the silhouette of a leaf, a fruit, a butterfly, a dove or even female genitalia. The heart represents love as an intense, passionate, sweet and sometimes painful emotion, which can make the heart beat faster or break it into pieces. It also symbolizes fidelity, dedication, commitment and affection felt for the couple. It is usually accompanied by other elements that reinforce its meaning, such as the color red, arrows, roses, rings or the names of lovers, etc.


On the other hand, Bitcoin (₿) is a cryptocurrency or digital currency that is based on cryptography to guarantee its security, anonymity and decentralization. Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a person or group under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, whose real identity remains a mystery. For many it is presented as an alternative to the traditional financial system, which is controlled by banks, governments and corporations, and which is subject to inflation, corruption, censorship and manipulation.


Bitcoin represents the love of freedom, the future, innovation and privacy. It allows people to carry out transactions without intermediaries, without restrictions, without commissions and without leaving a trace. It is also a way of expressing confidence in technology, science, mathematics and collective intelligence. It is identified by the symbol ฿, which is inspired by the dollar symbol, but with two vertical bars instead of one, to indicate its independence from any central authority.


Hippieism, romantic love and bitcoin are three different manifestations of love, but they share the same objective: to improve the lives of people and the planet. Love is a force that moves the world, that inspires art, that generates progress and that creates happiness. It is an attitude that can be practiced every day, in all areas, with all beings. It is a choice that can be made freely, without fear, without limits, without conditions. It is perhaps the only thing that makes us human and to a certain extent, it is all we need. ☮ ❤ ₿




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