Are you showing off????

Action-Faking is sweeping many of us. To be honest, some of us are not aware that we are doing this, but we may wonder why we are not making progress towards the expected goals. Our goal certainly looks good on paper or digitally on our mobile phones. The plan seems to be completed and sufficient to achieve it. So why are we not making progress, seeing growth, and even moving towards expected goals?

Is it possible that false actions are dominating our thoughts? By the way, what exactly is the action costume?

Action-faking is also called the self-improvement hamster wheel, and it works like this.


When you wake up every morning, you will write your goals on paper, in your journal, and even enter them in your mobile diary. An example of this is: "By this specific date next year, I will earn X money, or have a steady job with benefits, or get a degree (you said)." The adrenaline will continue to ring "Yes." and going up, and you insist on doing it every morning for 90, 180, or even 365 days.

Writing down your goals can be very challenging because they look really good and they seem very feasible. However, if soon after your imagined journey of success, you return to excessive movie watching, unlimited video games, or extreme social media participation, then achieving your goals may be diminished.

This is a problem. Have you stopped to watch a little hamster running on his hamster wheel? He went all out, went all out. He stopped from time to time to look around, his eyes saying, "Am I here?" So what will you do next? He returned to the wheel, as fast as before, repeating the same behavior. It will be very interesting to see!

Unfortunately, some of us do the same, which is not interesting. If we imagine a good end result but do not take action, there will be no progress. This can be frustrating!

Action-faking is just an imagined mind game, if we intend to achieve an expected goal, we cannot participate in it. Action-faking can be removed by a simple and difficult method called Action Taking, also known as "doing work" and "making effort".


 Conclusion: imagination is not enough, you have to do it!


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