Recently, Bill gates and Melinda announced their divorce.

Couple tweeted that they are ending their marriage after 27 years. They are unable to find further growth being together.

Personal life, just leave them alone. Right?

Personal life of such elite people matters to UN. Well, the first thought your mind have is about the stock market. Just think about the investments and wealth this couple are dealing with. 

It's not only about Microsoft. Now a days one business gaint is associated with several other business giants, directly or indirectly. Impact to one is an affect to all.

However, couple decides to continue their roles with their organizations. Their divorce is going to be in effect. If so they would split their property and ownerships. That being said we might see a major correction in stock market in coming days.

Bill and Melinda gates foundation donate roughly about 5 billion USD each year. As per the recent survey, they have pledge to numerous entities for donations. All these donations are yet to be paid.

Bill and Melinda gates, well known around the world for their charity and noble work, handling disaster and devalued lives of millions with mental and physical health, were not able to handle their own healthy relationship.

Why the stock market did not got a hiccup by this news? Could this be a better plan to find growth and opportunities? 

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