Binance Is News (Once Again).



Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, is once again in the eye of the storm after the revelation that part of its code and internal data were exposed on GitHub, the code collaboration website. Simple carelessness or a serious attack on the security and privacy of its users?


According to cybersecurity outlet 404 Media, several files containing diagrams of Binance's infrastructure, internal passwords, and technical details about how the platform implements passwords and multi-factor authentication for customer accounts were posted to GitHub. This data, which would have been accessible for months, could give intimate access to Binance's internal workings, posing a significant security risk.


Cryptocurrency exchange Binance asked GitHub to remove sensitive data through a copyright takedown request. Binance stated that the unauthorized release of the code posed "a significant risk" and exposed information that "caused serious financial harm to Binance and confusion/harm to users". However, after the data was deleted from GitHub, Binance changed its stance. A spokesperson for the leading cryptocurrency trading platform said the leaked code and data were "obsolete" and "would be unusable by third parties or malicious actors". The representative stated that the company's security team confirmed that the leak "did not resemble what we currently have in production" and therefore "posed a negligible risk" to the exchange or its users. They further alleged that they pursued the withdrawal to avoid unnecessary fear over the leak of private data. I understand that the platform is also taking legal action against the GitHub user who initially posted its internal code.


The news comes as Binance faces growing regulatory issues globally, including agreeing to pay more than $4 billion in fines related to anti-money laundering law violations as part of a settlement of guilt with the US Department of Justice. In addition, remember that it also suffered a hack of 570 million dollars in its blockchain, as reported by the Financial Times. Although Binance assured its users at the time that their funds "are safe" and that "the problem was contained", the incident continues to call into question the reliability and security of the platform.


Will it be a smear campaign orchestrated by its competitors? Will it be able to regain the trust it has lost from its users? Will it be the beginning of the end for Binance and are they signs of being on the brink of collapse? Time will tell. The truth is that Binance is in a delicate situation and will have to demonstrate that it is capable of protecting its assets and those of its clients, as well as complying with current regulations, otherwise, it could be forced to close its doors or lose its leading position in the cryptocurrency market. What do you think?




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