Bitcoin Cash goes back to school...a tale from the school yard

Bitcoin cash goes back to school...a tale from the school yard

Bitcoin cash was new in town.

When he looked back on his past, it seemed to him as though he had appeared out of nowhere. You know, like he'd opened his eyes one day and found himself staring at a fork in the road and someone or something had sent him hurtling off down on one of the two uncertain paths that lay ahead of him. He felt like a big piece of him was missing but on the other hand, he almost felt lighter and better for it. It was kinda hard to explain. Like a chip off the old block that had broken free from his chains and was on the threshold of achieving something great; his true potential. He'd been on the move for going on 4 years and had decided take a break and settle down for a bit and see where else life could take him.

He could see a small group of kids  standing under the shade of a large tree in the back of the schoolyard. It was his first day in this new school and, like most kids his age, he wanted to make a good impression.

Ambling over, trying to appear cool and at ease, he held out his hand, "hey there, I'm Bitcoincash, BCH to my friends. I'm new here!"

"Hello mate! I'm Matic, these are my friends ADA and Dot, and that's Eth, Binance and Ripple.. sitting down on the bench chilling." The others variously smiled, nodded, waved, flashed him a thumbs up, amidst murmurings of "Welcome!", "Good to meet you", and "Nice one buddy."

He followed Matic's gaze til his eyes laid sight on Eth. Tall strong looking lad, looked sensible he thought. He appeared deep in conversation with his companions.

"They look pretty tight", he remarked.

Matic turned to face him, "Aah yeah, they always do everything together, inseparable, through the highs and the lows, but they're decent guys and they often let us tag along with them".

Bitcoincash looked around him and smiled. Seemed like he'd landed amongst a nice group of kids.

He caught a movement up on the balcony. "Who's the big loner sitting up there then?" He looked awfully familiar but he couldn't quite place him.

"Ah mate, that's Bitcoin. He's a law unto himself. Been here the longest of all of us, they say. Bit of a big shot. Loads of followers but he walks his own path. He's a bit snooty and has some major big pals if you know what I mean. Some of his mates are so under his spell they can't see the wood for the trees. He's can't do anything wrong in their eyes. They don't like us lot very much. We're doing things our way and it freaks them out! You're not related by any chance are ya? Similar name and all?"

"Not that I know, but I guess he could be a distant relative. I don't really know much about my ancestry. So, how are you guys so different then?"

"Well for him everything is about power, power, power. Our way of thinking is just too alternative for him. For instance, we try to resolve arguments and problems differently. Still by consensus, you know, but everyone usually has a stake in the outcome. We believe it doesn't necessarily have to be such hard work to reach an agreement. But no!!! Bitcoin doesn't see it that way.  So to him, we are just known as the Alts! Some form of lower class beings. He says for little folk we're way too volatile for his liking. Ha, he's one to talk! One day he blows hot, the next he blows cold. His mates are also really fickle. Either all over him or can't get away from him quick enough. He's a bit of a sad case really. So much promise. They say he'll fulfill his potential one day and become a millionaire before any of us. Time will tell though hey...

Anyway  we're way too cheap for him but we feel we live more in the real world and can relate better with people and the issues they share with us. Thing is, our little "club" wanna make a difference in peoples' lives and we therefore make more and more friends everyday. We're a friendly group of guys. Sure we have our ups and downs and sometimes we fall out with irrevocably with those who've joined our circle, and they disappear never to be heard of again, but us here, these few guys under this tree, we're doing our best to stick around and be there for each other.

Then there's our mate Eth over there, he's got lots of mates, always yanking on his chain, having a laugh, playing off his strengths. He has expensive taste though. He's a really likeable guy but it can get frustrating dealing with him. Always a trade off. Always has to cost someone an arm and a leg, but we think we're winning him over slowly. He's trying to change his ways, just taking his sweet time doing it if you ask me. But he is a real role model for us in so many ways that we're giving him some latitude, being patient you know. He's kinda worth it. A natural leader.

Folks say if anyone is gonna steal the prom crown from under Bitcoin's nose,  it'll be Eth. He's definitely got the smarts for it.

Now that little guy digging in the sandpit, that's Doge. He's ok. Bit of a scrappy kid. Been around a couple of years but his folks don't really get involved in his life anymore. Been left to his own devices but he's ok with it. Carefree. Bit of a joker. A real meme type. Quite a reactive chap though. He's always on his phone, a twitter junkie, believes every hype he reads, often to his own detriment. He's alright for a fun night out but don't get too serious with him. He's just not that kind of fellow.

Then, finally we have Neo, he seems to be pretty cool exchange student from the Far East from the outside. Him and Binance have connected quite well. Really hit it off from the get go." Theta lowered his voice to a hushed whisper, "Now, don't repeat this, but some say his parents may be spies, and that he's been sent here on a we might have a killer in our midst...and he's been watching Eth your own conclusions."

"Geez sounds a bit crazy man! I mean, what a diverse lot! And who'd wanna kill Eth??? "

"Hey, it's all just school boy rumour, what else we gonna spend our time doing, hey, other than making up silly hype all day. Enough about us though, what about you mate?"

Bch didn't really know what to say after all that. How could he measure up to the stories of angst, intrigue, suspense, power, immense friendships and schoolyard battles that Matic had shared with him?

He knew who he was intrinsically. A solid bloke, secure, reliable, steady head, focussed, efficient, quick. He didn't have expensive taste. It was all about utility to him. He didn't fancy sitting around all day just gaining Pounds. He had to keep moving from one place to the next, connecting with as many people as possible.

He pulled out his phone. "Hey, let's swap numbers and go catch a bite to eat," he said. "Mines 555-478-558. "

Numbers swapped, contacts saved, they were now, it seemed, friends.

"Sandwich bar?", Matic offered half-heartedly.

"Nah, I don't know about you, but I could kill for a piece of Cake right now!"


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Footnote: The above is a piece of literary fiction, meant purely for amusement, and does not constitute financial advice. All commentary is intended to be taken in the spirit of good humour. Originally published on

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