Bitcoin wallet recommended

Hardware wallets - the most recommended wallets. A hardware wallet is an external hard drive which is the safest way today to hold digital coins. There are two wallets we recommend:

* Trezor wallet - considered the oldest. This is a very secure wallet with an excellent user experience. In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, Treasury could contain a number of other currencies. We have prepared for you the complete guide to the Treasure Wallet.

* Ledger Nano S wallet - A wallet from the French company Ledger. Contains a wider range of currencies relative to treasury, and despite being cheaper - is considered equally secure at least. Here too, we have prepared for you the complete guide to the Ledger wallet.

Mobile Wallet - Edge Wallet. The Edge wallet is an excellent open source wallet that supports a number of currencies other than Bitcoin and its user experience is particularly convenient.

Electrum Wallet - Perhaps the oldest Bitcoin wallet, with a version for both mobile (Android) and computer. The wallet is open source and undergoes routine reviews by the community.

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