Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt

Published: Originally 2005
Author: Anne Rice
Genres: Religious Historical Fiction, Biographical Historical Fiction, Christian Historical Fiction, Jesus, First Person Narrative, Young Jesus

The first book that I read by Miss. Anne Rice was "Interview With the Vampire" and I only read it because I saw the movie and knew I must read the book to get all the answers that I didn't find in the movie; and from that first book, I became a fan of hers and read all her books from the past also that are not my genres like the Beauty series. Keep reading, subscribe, and follow me and my reviews because soon I'll review all the books from Miss. Anne.

The reason I am reviewing this book instead of "Interview with the vampire" first is that because "Christ The Lord: Out of Egypt" moved my heartstrings and is very close to my heart.

The first thing you notice is that you can't put down this book once you start it; once you start reading, you won't be able to stop until it is finished. Miss. Anne Rice can draw you in and keep you captivated for the entirety of the story and that is what she does with you in all her books and stories. I have the paperback, the hard cover and the audio of this book; I only do it with books that are on top of my all time great books.

She has done her research on the topic and you can see that when you are reading the book. I felt emotions run like crazy when I read the book, especially when in the last few chapters. While young Jesus is talking or thinking, your heart melts and wants to come out of your eyes, and your hair may stand and be prepared to feel the chills. Such beauty in words is so rare in books. You must listen to the audio of this book also to know what I am talking about. You can use the same link I provided to get the audio version of this book.

Many people don't get it or don't understand that Jesus lived his childhood as and in Jew influenced era; this story is told from the first-person perspective of young Jesus. The way Jesus thinks and talks is like he is talking to the reader and I am sure many of the readers are going to change how they think and what they feel about Jesus after reading this book.

At the end of the book, you can read a few words from Miss. Anne Rice about her research and her coming to faith during her research for this book.

This book is not only for Christians and is not a religious propaganda. Anyone can read it and learn a lot from it while keeping own faith intact. 

Rating: 100/100

Recommended: 100/100 YES.  

The audio book is also great, the voice actor is amazing and you actually feel like you are sitting with young Jesus and listening to his thoughts. You can get the audio from the same link (It's free to download with a free audible trial that you can check from the same page when you use the link.)

Buy the book here:

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I think I got all the books here. If any new book comes, i'll surely add it in this list.


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