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Deepfakes are videos that use artificial intelligence to replace one person's face with another's, creating an illusion that the modified person is speaking or acting. This technology can have multiple applications, such as entertainment, education, research or journalism. For example, you could create a deepfake of a famous actor playing a historical figure, or of a teacher explaining a lesson in another language or simply to create memes of famous people, the possibilities are endless, they only depend on the creator's imagination.


However, it can also have risks and negative consequences, such as manipulation, misinformation, harassment or violation of privacy. For example, a deepfake could be created of a politician saying something false or compromising, or of an ordinary person being the victim of a prank or extortion.


To create a deepfake, specialized software is needed that can train and apply an artificial intelligence model capable of generating realistic faces. These programs typically require high computing power and a large amount of data, making them difficult for the general public to access.


However, there is a way to create a deepfake from Google Colab, a platform that allows you to run Python code in the cloud using free GPUs. To do this, you need to follow some steps:


📌 First, you must have a Google account and access Google Colab.


📌 Second, you should choose an open source deepfake generator, such as DeepFaceLab or Roop, and copy its GitHub repository to your Google Drive. In my case, for testing, I used: This opens the deepfake generator. Then all you have to do is follow the instructions to install the dependencies, configure the options and run the code cells.




✔ Open the link:, as I explained previously, this was the one I used, but there are many others.


✔ Then connect (#1) and execute cells #2, #3, #4.




✔ Go to the link: (#5). A new tab will open in your browser.




✔ In this new tab you just have to upload the photo (#6) and the video (#7), make some adjustments with the available options to achieve a better result and execute (#8).




✔ Now you just have to wait patiently (😀😀😀 very patiently 😀😀😀) for the model to generate the video. Finally, download the resulting video and enjoy your deepfake. On platforms like YouTube, Bitchute, etc., you will find fantastic and very well explained tutorials. If you are interested in the topic, I recommend that you look for them.


These were my results (Sorry for not being able to upload the videos but I have no idea how to do it on this platform):


✔ Original:


❌ DeepFakes:


Keep in mind that making a deepfake from Google Colab has some limitations, such as storage space, execution time, and usage policies. Google has banned the training of AI systems that can be used to generate deepfakes on its platform, so it may restrict your ability to use Colab in the future. Additionally, you should respect the copyright and privacy of the people who appear in the videos, and not use deepfakes for malicious or illegal purposes.


I can only remember that deepfakes are a fascinating but also dangerous technology, which can have positive or negative uses depending on the purpose and ethics with which they are used. If you want to create a deepfake from Google Colab, you must follow the steps indicated above, but also be aware of the legal and moral implications it entails. Remember that not everything you see on the internet is real, and that you must be critical and responsible with the information you consume and share.


Another thing I just remembered, the developers of this software taking into account the possible unethical applications of these programs took preventive measures, so it has a built-in control that prevents it from working on inappropriate media and/or material classified NSFW (Not Suitable for Work 😤😤😤), and although it is very easy to "skip" this block, for everyone's sake, I better not even mention the topic 😎😎😎, just put it to good use and enjoy it.




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