Cryptocurrencies And Dreams: What Price Are You Willing To Pay?

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I know it may seem like I'm repeating myself a lot, but I can't help but talk over and over again about cryptocurrencies, and it's not just because I'm passionate about them, but because, as I have expressed on other occasions, I believe they have the potential to change the world for the better. better. But for that to happen, we need more people to know, understand and use them.


It is not a passing fad, nor a speculative bubble, nor a tool for committing crimes. It is a technological, social and economic revolution that offers us a unique opportunity to create a more open, democratic and transparent financial system. A system that empowers us as individuals and as groups, that allows us to exercise our sovereignty and our freedom, that protects us from corruption and manipulation.


But to achieve this, we have to overcome many obstacles and challenges, we have to educate ourselves and others about what cryptocurrencies are, how they work, what benefits they bring and what risks they entail. It is to spread the message and generate trust among the general public, demonstrating with facts and examples that cryptocurrencies are a viable and desirable alternative to the current system.


With these words I do not intend to impose my vision, my philosophy or my dream on cryptocurrencies, it is only an attempt to reflect, as the saying goes: It is not the price you pay for chasing your dreams, but the even greater price you pay. pays to stay in the same place and do nothing to chase them. My wish is to inspire those who still have doubts to join this "movement" and contribute to its growth and consolidation.


If you are just starting to get to know "this crypto world" I tell you that cryptocurrencies are a form of digital money that does not depend on any central bank or government, but is based on cryptography and a decentralized network of computers to guarantee its security. transparency and scarcity. Since its appearance in 2009 with the launch of Bitcoin, the first and most famous cryptocurrency, this phenomenon has grown exponentially and has given rise to thousands of projects and initiatives that seek to revolutionize the financial and social world with this new technology.


But cryptocurrencies are not only a form of money, but also a way to express a vision, a philosophy, a dream of freedom, autonomy, innovation, change. It is the attempt to create a better, fairer, more inclusive, more sustainable world, which involves taking risks, challenging the status quo, breaking the rules, confronting the established powers. A dream that requires courage, passion, creativity and a lot of perseverance.


But like every dream, it has a price. A price that is paid in the form of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, adversity. There are countless hours of study, work, learning, experimentation. It is stress, anxiety, frustration, disappointment, it is receiving criticism from detractors, ridicule, rejection and attacks.


Is it worth paying that price? Is it better to settle for what there is, what we know, what the system offers us? Is it better to stay in the comfort zone, in security, in tranquility? Is it better to give up on dreams for fear of failure, ridicule, and pain? The answer depends on each person, but there is something we must keep in mind: doing nothing also has a price. A price that is paid in the form of boredom, mediocrity, conformism, resignation for lost opportunities, seeing how we waste our potential and/or hidden talent, settling for living with extinguished passion. A price that is paid in the form of regret, guilt, sadness, emptiness and even envy of those who have a vision of the future.


Cryptocurrencies are just one example of how you can dream and act in search of a better world, regardless of the fact that there are many other fields and areas where you can do the same. The important thing is to be clear about what we want, what motivates us, what makes us happy and then go for it. It is not easy, it is not safe, it is not comfortable, but it can be rewarding, exciting, transformative and of course economically very beneficial. And you, what price are you willing to pay?


"To invest you don't have to be a millionaire, but to become a millionaire, you have to invest". - Anonymous.



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