Cryptocurrencies Or Fiat Money? Bees Or Flies?

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What do bees and cryptocurrencies have in common? At first glance, it may seem like nothing. However, I have a colleague who often jokes with a powerful metaphor that helps us understand the difference between two ways of looking at money and the world: Bees don't spend their time explaining to flies why their honey is better than theirs 💩.


Bees are the proponents of cryptocurrencies, a decentralized, transparent and secure form of money that does not depend on corrupt intermediaries or authoritarian governments. Bees know that their work is valuable and beneficial to the ecosystem, and they do not need anyone's approval to continue producing their sweet nectar. Cryptocurrencies are the honey of the future, a source of wealth and freedom for all who dare to try it.


The flies are the defenders of fiat money, an obsolete and manipulated monetary system that favors the powerful and impoverishes everyone else. Fiat money is the 💩 that we carry from the past, a source of debt and oppression for all who are forced to use it. They, the flies, only settle for what they find on the ground (fiat money), without caring about the quality or the origin.


Bees and flies live in different worlds, and there is no point of comparison between them. Bees don't waste time trying to convince flies to change their way of thinking, because they know it's useless. Flies do not understand the value of honey, nor the potential of cryptocurrencies. Flies only see what is in front of them, and don't realize what they are missing.


The bees, for their part, continue to work hard, building their hives and sharing their honey with those who appreciate it. Bees are altruistic, because they know that their work benefits the entire community. Bees are visionaries, because they know that cryptocurrencies are the future, they are revolutionary, because they know that with their nectar they can change the world.


I do not mean to offend fiat money advocates, I know that many of them have their reasons for trusting the current financial system. However, I also believe that it is important to be informed and open to new alternatives, especially in times of financial crisis and inflation. Nor do I intend to impose my vision, my only desire is to share what many of us consider about fiat money and cryptocurrencies. I hope this article has made you think and encouraged you to research more about this fascinating topic. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.



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