Does adBTC Really Pay?

How to Start ?

To start earning on adBTC, you will first need to sign up for an account. or a faster enlistment process, you can utilize your current Google account, or on the other hand in the event that you favor you can join utilizing your email address all things considered. Whenever this is finished, you can sign in and start acquiring on adBTC.

Sign Up adBTC


How to Earn ?

There are 3 similar ways to earn;

Surf Ads: Many pages to open, no need to stay on the page (15 to 60 seconds). 

Active Window: More satoshis, you should stay on the page(15 to 60 seconds).

Autosurfing: Surf pages automatically and get your satoshis(15 to 60 seconds).


How to Withdraw ?

There are different ways to withdraw.

Minimum withdraw to faucetpay is 500 satoshis.

Shutting Remarks


So, is adBTC legit or a scam?

adBTC is a genuine site that rewards clients in Bitcoin for riding locales and promotions. It's not difficult to begin and to procure with, turning out a to some degree inactive revenue stream. Nonetheless, withdrawals must be made utilizing Bitcoin, and the in general acquiring potential is moderately low. While it very well might be a reasonable choice for those open to procuring in Bitcoin, it's critical to have practical assumptions and not to hope to bring in a lot of cash with this stage.

Start Earning With adBTC



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