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Mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin etc has become so costly and environment unfriendly that common people cannot afford therefore cryptocurrencies remain inaccessible for them. But thanks to Reflex Cloud Mining App which made mining possible by mobile phone so that everyone can access cryptocurrency.

Major Functionalities of the app:

1)   Could Mining: It mines 2-3 RFX tokens per 3 hours on regular basis.

2)    Staking: Minimum amount for staking is 500 RFX.

  • 1 month  = 1.5% ROI
  • 3 months = 5% ROI
  • 6 months = 11% ROI
  • 12 months = 26% ROI

Note: Above particulars can be changed by Reflex team.

3)   Invite Friends:

For each Friend’s invite user will get 5% of friend's earnings and the friend will get one time bonus of 30 RFX.

4)    Daily Contest:

     The three first users who earn more RFX everyday will receive 20RFX, 10RFX and 5RFX respectively.

5)    Extra Boost:

It is a one time purchase offer to boost mining by (x2) times.

6)   Daily Rewards:

It is a one time purchase offer to boost mining by (x2) times.

7)   Deposit:

User can deposit RFX tokens into cloud mining app.

8)    Withdraw:

User can withdraw RFX tokens to their ERC20 Ethereum address. Minimum 2000 RFX withdraw limit.

9)    Live Stream:

User can watch live stream and earn free Live RFX (LRFX) that can be converted in RFX.

Live Stream Link on Twitch here

  • Watch Live: Earn 1 LRFX / 10 minutes
  • Follow: Earn 10 LRFX
  • Tip: Every $1 = 50 LRFX
  • Subscribe: Earn 150 LRFX
  • Cheer: Every 100 Bits = 50 LRFX

Note: Above particulars can be changed by Reflex team.

10) Advertisement:

Users can advertise their websites and businesses with Reflex. BTC, ETH and RFX is accepted as payment. The two types of advertising are banner ads and push notifications.

Steps to install app:

1)      Firstly, download the app from play store 

2)      Open app and signup with your email

3)      Click on “start” to start mining

4)      Now go to menu (top left corner)

5)      Click on “friends”

6)      Enter a Friend code

7)      Now click “VALIDATE” to earn 30RFX bonus

8)      After every 180 minutes (3 hours) click on “start” to continue mining.

Website: https://reflextoken.com

Whitepaper: https://reflextoken.com/Reflex-Whitepaper.pdf

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