ETH2 Hits New Milestone with Over 3 Million ETH Staked

The eth2 beacon chain contract has hit a new milestone, crossing over 3 million in staked ETH on Feb. 10.

  • Over 85,000 validators have staked over 3 million ETH, equivalent to $5.5 billion at ETH’s current price
  • The staked amount is approximately 2.7% of ETH’s total supply
  • Eth2’s beacon chain contract went live on Dec. 1 and has experienced an exponential rise in staked value in 2 months, after receiving over $6.5 million on day 1
  • Stakers receive an annual return of 9.06% as rewards for securing the eth2 network
  • Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin deposited 3200 ETH, currently worth $5.5 million, into the contract on Nov. 5
  • Eth2 is only at the beginning of its development roadmap, with Phase 1 slated for release later this year; upcoming eth2 features include lite client support and sharding

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