Personally, I asked myself the question I am helping you answer. The world has a funny way of not being interested in the story, but in the glory; many want to make it big in the cryptocurrency world, but they have continuously failed to ask how others were able to make it big even WITHOUT BUYING ONE! YES! WITHOUT BUYING A SINGLE ONE!

Today, the chase  is over for Bitcoin, but coins like Reflex and Pi are out with free mining, and sadly many people are yet to wake up to see that this is the only way to make it paying the price of PATIENCE because very soon when these coins stop the free mining, then they can place value on them. At that point, people who snubbed and doubted the process would pay heavily for their uncivilized ignorance.

Don't miss these golden opportunities, I am sure you're following the rise of DOGECOIN, a coin that started as a joke, now is the latest hit coin. Soon, and I mean sooner than soon, the spotlight would be on Reflex and Pi, I hope when that soon comes, you won't be on the side of those whose words would be "Had I known, I would have mined."

Are you mining? Keep mining. Very soon, you'll be selling, and you'll remember this article for good.

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