Fentanyl And The United States.

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Some cities in the United States have become the epicenter of a public and social health crisis caused by the massive consumption of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is one hundred times more powerful than morphine and fifty times more than heroin. Fentanyl is used as an adulterant for other drugs, such as heroin or cocaine, to increase their effects and profits, but it is also consumed purely or mixed with other substances.


Among the most relevant cases are: Kensington, the “zombie” neighborhood of Philadelphia; San Francisco, California, where fentanyl was the cause of more than 60% of overdose deaths, surpassing heroin and methamphetamine; Cincinnati, Ohio, with more than 80% of overdose deaths and where more powerful and lethal variants of the drug have been detected, such as carfentanil; Baltimore, Maryland, where this substance has been implicated in more than 90% of overdose deaths, and where fake oxycodone and xanax pills containing fentanyl have been found, and New Hampshire, where overdose deaths have reached rates of 35,8/100,000 inhabitants, the highest in the country.


Drug use, on many occasions, is intended to be associated with situations of extreme poverty, marginalization and violence, and they are resorted to as a way of escaping from marginality, when in reality it is an evil that affects all social spheres alike. Addicts suffer consequences in their physical and mental health, as well as in their family, work and social relationships. Many of them suffer from infectious diseases, such as HIV or hepatitis C, due to the sharing of syringes or the practice of prostitution to obtain money to buy the drug. They also have psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression or psychosis as a cause and effect of consumption.



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The situation in Kensington is just a reflection of the opioid epidemic that has plagued the United States for two decades, which has worsened with the arrival of fentanyl on the illicit market and its effects are proving devastating for individuals and the community. This drug produces an intense feeling of euphoria, followed by profound sedation, which can lead to respiratory problems, overdose, and DEATH. It also generates a strong physical and psychological dependence, which makes users need larger and more frequent doses to avoid withdrawal syndrome.


Dear readers, I call on you to promote: NO TO DRUGS. It is not about imposing a ban or a punishment, but about promoting a critical awareness and a positive attitude towards life. It is not about judging or stigmatizing those who use drugs, but about offering them support and help so that they can overcome their addiction. It is not about denying or repressing our desires or emotions, but about channeling them in a creative and constructive way.


Remember that they are substances that alter the perception, mood and behavior of the people who consume them. Some drugs can have short-term pleasant effects, but they can also cause serious damage to the physical and mental health, as well as to the social and family life of the users. In addition, they generate a strong dependency, which causes consumers to lose control over their will and decision-making capacity. Saying NO TO DRUGS is a way of respecting and caring for our body and mind, which are the most valuable tools we have to live and develop as human beings. By not using drugs, we protect ourselves from the risks and negative consequences that they imply, and we open ourselves to the possibility of enjoying life in a healthy, full and authentic way.


Not using drugs is a challenge because it implies facing social pressures, personal difficulties and momentary temptations that can lead us to consume. It is also an opportunity because it allows us to discover and strengthen our abilities, our values and our dreams, it is a free and conscious choice that can make us happier and more human.


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