FRAMES by Alberto Nacci

Proposed at ADI Design Museum in Milan

With the cultural collaboration of the Italian-American Museum of San Francisco

Opening hours: Saturday to Thursday from 10.30 to  20.00 (Closed Friday) - free admission

"I have the soul of a jazz musician because I consider jazz to be a lifestyle, a rigorous and creative way of dealing with problems in a 'structured' way,   with the ability to 'seize the moment' thanks to that magnificent resource that is improvisation."    

(Alberto Nacci)

An exhibition to be seen and heard in the name of refined narrative poetics and the ability to translate sound and voice into photographic images. ADI Design Museum in Milan presents from 3rd May to 3rd June the exhibition of the director and producer Alberto Nacci entitled "Frames", curated and organized by ajpstudios with the cultural collaboration of the Museo Italo Americano in San Francisco.

Taken from twenty black and white musical short films entitled "Body & Sound", made by Alberto Nacci between 2014 and 2022 and award-winning in several international festivals,   "Frames" is the result of a skilful and harmonious combination of music, visual arts and performing arts for an unprecedented immersive path, and wants to return in twenty still-images with a strong emotional connotation – one for each docufilm – the deep mental and bodily relationship that arises between the musician and his instrument, empathic interaction that can only be described through music or voice.

As each of the short films tells the "inner score" of the musicians with close-up and never predictable shots that dwell on the details of the hands, instruments or faces of the performers, so the twenty frames on display - black and white images reproduced on a large format (160x90 cm), each of which is numbered and signed by the author - want to return those "moments" that escape the story but that are the tuning fork of their being musicians.

  "The light defines the silhouettes of the protagonists who emerge from deep and saturated blacks" -   underlines the historian and art critic Barbara Vincenzi in her text in the catalog - "The infinite whites and blacks seem to draw from a palette of a wise painter, but made with the soul of the jazz musician who manages to capture the nuances of rhythms and extemporaneousness,   between glows and sounds, between strong contrasts and sharpness of details."

Barbara Vincenzi

(historian and art critic) 


Relying on black and white offers the same images a more meaningful artistic value, removes any alibi of distraction that could derive from the chaotic set of colors and the possibility for the author to speak directly with the viewer, not through the story but through the message contained in the sharp contrast between blacks and whites. Precisely because of this artistic choice of the author, the twenty images exhibited in the new ADI Design Museum not only highlight the strong relationship that is established between man and sound, between music and image, but reveal how close the correlation between photographic composition and music is, two forms of art only apparently distant from each other.


"FRAMES is definitely an innovative proposal, a 'new frontier' of Design where every shot of the short films of the 'Body & Sound' series has been conceived as a 'matrix' of new works of art where the matrix is made of light."" Frames" translates sounds into images, reshaping the "subjective perception" of each of us and offering the visitor the opportunity to grasp the rhythmic oscillation that reveals the almost primitive connection that each musician establishes with his instrument, quintessence of the concept of freedom: a unique multimedia experience, where each frame on display not only offers an authentic story of the power of music,   a real act of liberation of the soul, but it goes beyond the image itself, managing to stimulate the unconscious and lead us back to sounds, smells, emotions and colors of our past."

Andrea Cancellato

(Director of ADI Design Museum)

In the exhibition period of the FRAMES exhibition there are 2 Events Speciali.Il second will be Wednesday 31 May 2023 at 6 pm in which Alberto Nacci will meet the great Italian musician Claudio Fasoli in a conversation on the theme TELLING MUSIC WITH IMAGES. Free admission

Alberto Nacci / Biographical note

Born in Trapani in 1957, he has lived and worked in Bergamo since 1982. Former professor of Sound Design at the Academies of Fine Arts in Bergamo and Brescia, after a long activity as a jazz musician (tenor and alto sax) with numerous original compositions, record productions and a rich concert activity, he dedicated himself to the relationship between sound and image with the production of docufilms of art and culture and works of video art,   with numerous awards all over the world: Hollywood, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Bellingham, London, Paris, Moscow, Madrid, Hamburg, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Milan, Rome, Turin, Melbourne, Calcutta, Osaka, Singapore. He has created numerous film works in collaboration with important international artists: painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, architects. Since 1996 he is the owner of ajpstudios .

[email protected]- specialized in the production of docufilms of art and culture.

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