GLEEV: Decentralized Streaming Platform. Connect Your YouTube Channel And Get Paid.



✔ Original Title: GLEEV: Decentralized Streaming Platform. Connect Your YouTube Channel And Get Paid. Built And Operated By Joystream Blockchain And DAO.


As the title of this article announces, Gleev is a decentralized streaming platform based on blockchain technology that offers a unique and innovative experience to its users. Unlike other platforms, it does not depend on a central company or entity that controls the content, data and profits. Instead, it works as an open and collaborative network, where users are the protagonists and owners of their own content.


Gleev works on the Joystream protocol using the Polkadot blockchain, one of the most advanced and secure on the market, to guarantee the transparency, scalability and interoperability of the network. Users can access the platform through a web or mobile application, which allows them to view, upload and share streaming content of all types: music, movies, series, sports, video games, etc. These contents are stored on the IPFS network, a distributed file system that ensures availability and resistance to censorship.




But what makes Gleev really special is that users are not mere spectators, but can actively participate in the operation and governance of the platform. To do this, a native token $JOY (Joystream) is used, which serves as a means of exchange, incentive and vote within the network. Users can obtain this Token in several ways: by viewing or uploading content, performing useful tasks for the platform, such as moderating, curating or storing content, or by purchasing it on the market. With $JOY, users can support the creators they like the most, access exclusive content, participate in raffles and contests and influence the platform's decisions through proposals and votes or simply sell it and exchange it for another cryptocurrency and /or fiat money.




According to CoinMarketCap and I quote: "...Joystream is a video platform protocol; it does for video publishing what email did for mail and Bitcoin did for money. On Joystream, all profiles, videos, and social interactions are on a dedicated, high-performance public blockchain. A user-controlled DAO funds creators and builders, and operates the content storage and delivery infrastructure. Developers can therefore build new applications on an existing open infrastructure and network effect, with APIs they can trust forever, unlike current closed operators. This allows them to experiment with new features, algorithms and policies that can Delight creators and consumers in new ways, unlike today where everyone is trapped in a single experience controlled by one company. Creators can build their audience and their business on a solid foundation. They can sell video NFTs to capture more value from their biggest fans. And they can also issue a dedicated revenue share creator token to fund their creative projects..."




Gleev offers a series of advantages that differentiate it from other streaming platforms since users have the freedom to watch, upload and share the content they want, without limitations or censorship. Creators have full control of their content and can monetize it however they prefer, without depending on intermediaries or commissions. It also allows you to enjoy optimal image and sound quality, without ads or interruptions, so creators have the ability to offer a personalized and valuable experience to their followers, building loyalty and increasing their audience. In addition, users can interact with other users and creators, forming part of an active and diverse community, so creators can receive feedback and support from their fans, creating a closer and more authentic relationship. It is also worth noting that users can obtain benefits for their activity on the platform, both in the form of tokens and content or services, and creators receive fair and sustainable income for their work, without intermediaries or commissions.


Although I always remind you to do your own research, I did not want to end without recommending that you pay attention to the YouTube Partnership Program (YPP) and referral system of this platform, since each user has a unique referral code that they can share with their contacts, social networks or websites and that will allow them to earn rewards of up to $100 per guest.






I believe that Gleev is a streaming platform that offers a freer, fairer and more interesting alternative to traditional platforms. If you want to combine the useful and beneficial with the pleasant, enjoy your favorite content, support the creators you like the most, participate in a vibrant community and obtain rewards for your activity, do not hesitate, you just have to make the decision and join.





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💲 Gleev - Decentralized Streaming Platform based on blockchain technology. Connect your YouTube channel and get paid. Earn up to $100 for each referral.


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