What allows us to see, that the ceremony, the prestigious guests from all over the world, and all the decorum, on this day of burial of Queen Elisabeth II, is the extraordinary reality of a story, of a civilization built on many episodes.


  The British are attached to their royalty.


  She is the cement of this nation (not always glorious), the symbol of an often victorious nation.


 This is why the British hold on to this monarchy.


 It links a people to its history without ever concealing its most reprehensible episodes.


 If the world is in London, it is not by simple friendship. Administration and power go hand in hand.


 “This should make women and men in search of dignity and emancipation for oppressed peoples wonder…

 History is built on a vision and the unity of a people anchored in its history, in its humanity, without hatred...and this despite the violence suffered..."

 Claudy Siar


 Sacred union around the monarchy.

 If Africa could...


 A message for our leaders in black Africa.

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