How to Earn CRYPTO for Free - Ltc

The connection between games and crypto is going crazy  worldwide. In the earlier articles  i have been talking about cryptos that can bloom up and secure rank in hundreds of coingecko. But today we would learn to earn litecoin that is in first hundreds ranks and climb further.Found something related to it, thanks to one of the author at publish0x and that's

Mini Game - Free Litecoin

So did some research and i found it really interesting, how can i let myself alone enjoy ot and i obviously thought to earn some tips publishing it.

An app that awards you to earn Free litecoin for playing about 6  in app games to earn in app tokens that are worth 0.00000001 ltc and i found the games very addictive. You can also boost your earnings by watching ads.

The withdrawl limit is set at 0.002 ltc that can be achieved in minutes if you are good at games. In the time you read this post you can some litecoin.

As i say it's not free it would cost you time but if you have something more intersting and rewarding, you should also let me know in the comments. I would be happy to know.

Don't forget to use my Code 'A258496' without quotes which would benefit both of us.

I did not found any cons as i joined just a week ago. If you have please let me know.

Thanks for Reading.

This should not to be taken as financial advice.

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