How to Earn Crypto for Free - Netbox. Browser

Following the path of successes of Brave Browser and Presearch , A new competitor of Google arouses namely

Netbox. Browser

Similarly as other apps the users gets rewarded with a cryptocurrency namely Netbox Coin ( NBX ) currently traded at somewhat more than 7 cents and can be traded on hotbit and some more. With a supply of 100 million, somewhat over 77 million is currently in circulation.

The Rewards here are provided in a slightly different way which i think is best among the competitors.

  • You get rewarded for the time you spent surfing unlike Brave which rewards for ad clicking and Presearch which rewards for searching.
  • Staking - is the same.
  • You get rewarded with 3 nbx for surfing in the first week and 6 more when a month is complete.

A couple more dollars would not harm us and may be worth more in future.

Moreover there is everything available on their website.

Hi. I've just found a great free web browser that pays cryptocurrency every day simply for its usage!

It deserves a try in my view and being early is better than late. So Give it a Go.

This should not to be taken as financial advice.

Thanks for Reading.

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