How to Earn CRYPTO for FREE part 3 - Crypto Cards and Green Karma

Last Article added by me contained a way to earn pht by just clicking a button once a week which can earn you about 600 pht a week, where i forgot to add some other ways to earn pht that boost the number to upto 6000 pht a week.


Crypto Cards

The mine favourite of all of these is Crypto Cards from where you earn the most in the least amount of time. You get to spin a wheel daily where you can earn 250 pht, a boister or a card. You also have a game which can add upto 220 pht per day to your earnings.


These along with have a cards collection where you can use cards from booster or from wheel when completed a sequence and can earn a lot. It is quite difficult as i haven't still completed a single page.


The newly added feature in the app is nft cards album where you can get 3 million pht for one nft you have, so you can imagine how rare it would be.


Green Karma

So now coming with my 2nd favourite game to earn pht is green karma where you can purchase chest withbin game currency and get pht, exp, cards etc. The cards earned can be used to offset co2 and can earn something in tron, bitcoin, ethereum. Games can be played to earn in game currency.

Thanks for Reading.

This should not be taken as financial advice 


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