How to keep Track of your Cryptofolio

Many of you might be known to the platform. But I feel it is my responsibility to make person who not know it, to make them aware on it. As a Writer Some of you might have wondered what is this dragons symbol it is none other than symbol of coingecko.

The penultimate app that have listed on different exchanges along with the highly volatile soon money bagger coins.

The list to the features of coingecko goes as follows-

  • Coins List - There is no more simpler platform than this to the person to get knowledge of different coins and tokens that provides ranks to them in order to market cap and can be reordered with highest price, lowest price, last added, largest positive and negative change.


  • Portfolio - You can have a brief list of your investments holded in different wallets to have total value of your assets, coins etc.
  • Exchanges - They provide information of different exchanges and rank them according to their parameters.


  • Candies - They offer some in app candies to users for loging in everyday that can be redeemed for different products.


  • Explore - This feature provides news, buzz, blog and newsletter that can provide you information
  • Some other - They provide with prize alerts, something about defi and nft which i don't have proper knowledge so not know how to use it. If you know please provide in comments.


The information provided is correct in my view. There is one more namely Coin Market Cap that provide the same functions but i Haven't used it so won't compare.

This is not to be taken as financial advice.

Thanks for Reading.

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