How to Lead A Peaceful and Successful Life

This is the session based on my own personal experiences. Having a peaceful life depends certainly on a large number of factors, But  today we would discuss about the three main one, i believe are truly important.

  • Financial Knowledge

Kick starting from the topic that i think would be well anticipated by the audience. Gaining it can help you earn money and most importantly not to lose it.

We should be well aware of our financial assets and importantly how to manage it. As you know a person with no  fortune but with pre requisite knowledge can end up being a billionaire and a billionaires kid can end up being a begger without the knowledge.

You should try to have as much knowledge you can about anything that can help you create a fortune somewhat like real estate, stocks and even crypto can be considered.

As i always says knowledge never goes waste, so ____ing gain it.

  • Knowledge of Law

Another topic that we should be well aware of our country's or our world law, as it can help you escape any difficult situations if you are a victim, can be used for your benefit. It might sound selfish but to spare in such world you need to be somewhat selfish not by harming others, but by benefitting yourself.

Law can be used to defend yourself against any wrongful incident.

So as per me it is a must to have.

  • Psychology.

Ending this one with the most important aspect , Psychology. All says that if a person can't have control on his nerves but he can't be successful, but only some implement in their lives and as for now i am in all. But my thinking is that patience should be shown only there where it is required.

If you know about psychology, you can just manipulate yourself to become a success story and be able to set an example. You can also be able to find the real faces of people and you would be amazed  as mostly are. And please don't overshow as it could be used against you and you can end up having up a lot of foes.

So ending up the post with the note that  Knowledge is Power. 

if you liked it you know what to do.

Thanks for Reading.


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