How to search for scams

As an example I will use

Let's start the research right away. When you google moneyguru, you will come across other websites, you will see where they got their idea for the name.

I always search for the adresse of the headquarters. 

If you didn't login and you scroll down, you will find the adresse. adresse

If you use this adresse in some gps or road software, Burgerweeshuispad 101, 1076 ER, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, you will find a building complex.

With amongst a payroll service, a software company, NIKON the camera company and a few others. But none of them are related to moneyguru.

It also shows a VAT number.

When you go to Taxation Customs to check their VAT number and enter their VAT number 853476470B01. This website to check VAT is not only for The Netherlands. VAT CHECK

It's valid. But it's not registered at moneyguru. But at the  building complex company Tripolis.

At this point we already know. It's a scam 100%. But for the purpose of the guide let's continue in other signs.

Because this website is a good guide to find some ways in finding scams. rewards

When you see something like this. Where the earnings are so high. It's a trigger. On you would earn more than legit survey websites.

Sounds to good to be true. Because it is.

After checking the terms and conditions on their website. I know not many people do. But when you are unsure. I would recommend reading it.

Investigate now. And save a lot of time. And if you are an investor. Money.

Delivery of rewards

US postal adresse. Wait what? It was located in The Netherlands. They also use LLC and BV thru each other.
LLC is for US companies. BV is used for Dutch companies. 

The testimonials are also said as LLC. Testimonials can be bought. Views, stars, likes, ... Everything can be bought. 

I saved the best part for last. 


This is also located in the terms and conditions USER

With other words. You need to be 99+ to be able to use the website. 

If you are not convinced by now, after seeing all of this. Than you want to be scammed or waste your time.


The so called Payouts can be Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, Bitcoin, mailed check. 

A "mailed check." Seriously?


100% SCAM.


on (allegedly located in the Netherlands) there is a link to their Instagram page, which in turn has a link to (allegedly located in Hong Kong) whose Terms page refers to itself as (allegedly located in England).


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