I Just Bought THETA During the Dip!

You know how they say wait for a dip and buy?... Well almost everything in the crypto market just dumped a whopping 30% in 4 hours! 

So did you buy? I did.. And this time I chose to add Theta to my holdings and here's why. 

Theta is a coin that absolutely exploded this year! There was in fact a report of an Australian man who lost his girlfriend to his crypto addiction as he invested $17,000 in Theta. He is now a millionaire with his holdings in Theta being worth over $1.5Mil... (Sucks to be her)... But Theta isnt finished. 

Theta is a decentralized video delivery network, powered by users and an innovative new blockchain. It is designed to improve video streaming quality and reward those who offer their computing resources for improved video delivery.

Theta started life as an ERC-20 Token but since the launch of their Mainnet 2.0 back on the May 27th 2020, the coin has surged in price to new all time highs and with the launch of their new Mainnet 3.0 in a few months time, there is still huge potential for this to grow. Their new mainnet will launch staking as well as burning of the Theta token for interacting with the network, similar to the soon to be introduced EIP-1559 on Ethereum's network, which results in Theta becoming a more deflationary asset which should help drive the price upwards in the future and the supply of Theta decreases.   

Theta is launching their Mainnet 3.0 on the 30th June this year along with their NFT platform before that. On top of this they have already planned a further 8 announcements to their platform by the end of this year and each of these should help the price increase in the near future. 

I was beginning to think I wasn't going to be able to get the Theta token for under $12 but today I had the opportunity to get it for under $11! If Theta recovers to its all time high of $15.72, which I think it can with these future annpuncements and improvements, that will be a nice return of at least 30% in the near future and who knows where Theta could grow to during this bull run. 

It's also important to understand the importance of having a diversified portfolio. There will not be one huge mass adopotion of just one particular cryptocurrency, and if that does haooen it will not happen for some time. Having good exposure to many cryptos is good as long as you are selecting the ones that have huge potential growth like Theta. 

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and any investments you make with your money are done so at your own risk. Happy investing and good luck to us all! ;) 

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