Ice Network Mining : A New Digital Currency You Can Mine (or earn) From any Mobile Device.

About Ice Network

Ice is a novel form of digital currency that can be mined without any charge through your mobile phone. Join an autonomous community where common individuals like you, extract, possess and control the currency.

How To Start ?

Download the app, register and start free mining.

Click Here to Download the App

What is the process of earning ice?

In order to commence your daily mining session and earn ice, you need to tap the ice button for check-in every 24 hours.

Collaborating with your friends in mining can enhance the rate of earning for both you and your team.

If you and a friend check in at the same time, both of you will earn a 25% bonus on your mining rate.


The mining rate at the base level begins at 16 ice/h and undergoes a halving event upon reaching the first milestone, resulting in a reduction to half its original value.

Link to join my team to earn more :


In conclusion, the Ice Network mining app presents a great chance to gain Ice coins with ease. To make the most of this opportunity and aid in fostering growth within the community, simply register, actively participate in your network and stay updated on all developments. Begin your journey now using our mining application to discover just how profitable Ice coins can be!

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