Iron dome vs gaza, high death recordings

The war between isreal and palestine is a very devastating one as several missile has been lauched between the two countries and more dreath troll has been recorded in gaza for the past 1 hour now.


Early on Sunday morning, a series of devastating air strikes on Gaza's al-Rimal neighbourhood brought three residential buildings crashing to the ground, killing 42 people. It was the deadliest single attack so far.


Jonathan Conricus, spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), says at least 130 of the close to 200 Palestinians killed so far have been combatants. He says this is "the most conservative estimate".


With a iron dome misille rejector use to protect the isrealites from several air strikes rejecting over 90% of the missile. 


What might be the faith of the palenstines?with gaza been the most hit with a poor and densely populated country engaging war with isreal is not funny at all with the series of damages caused by isreal in gaza more life will be wasted if not calmed.

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