Lies on short legs

She doesn't want to hear that.

She doesn't have to talk about it.


 She turns away elegantly,

 a pang in the stomach that cannot be felt at all

 refers the readers

 on their direction.


 Erection! It sounds afterwards.

 for accuracy,

 it still needs to be checked.

 One eye closes.


 The second eye

 didn't get enough.

 The spirit of flight is confused.

 The plan is crazy.


 The plan: as discussed.

 Don't let yourself be tied down to it.

 have to avoid liabilities,

 have to do whatever.


 Early is important. Quickly the wish.

 And that the truth sleeps well.

 The lying constant:

 their fight.


 Like lightning,

 The numbers reached.

 Not pretty in the end.

 The path is their goal.


 She doesn't have to feel her pain,

 This is how she scrubs the wounds.

 She wants to leave. She goes away.

 God's gifts.


 It's okay!

 She drives away.

 Has no time!

 Already expecting them.


 It doesn't stink.

 This is the putrefaction.

 She has to sit it out

 sitting in the car. heat seat,



 Intrusive, it dents.

 Pleading to join.

 She begs for old times.


 Will run a little longer,

 this lie about the legs.

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