Live For Today: A Motivational Reflection.

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What would you do if you knew that today is your last day of life? How would you take advantage of every minute, every second, every moment? What things would you stop doing, what people would you stop seeing, what words would you stop saying? These are questions that we can ask ourselves to reflect on the meaning of our existence and the importance of living in the present.


Life is a gift that we don't know when it will end. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, not even the next moment. For this reason, we have the obligation, the duty to ourselves, to live until the last day, to make the most of every opportunity, to enjoy every experience, to love without measure, to learn without limit, to create without fear, to dream without borders.


Living today is being aware of our reality, our circumstances, our possibilities, but also our desires, our values, our purposes. It means acting consistently, responsibly, with passion, with gratitude. It is not leaving for tomorrow what we can do today, not postponing our projects, not postponing our dreams.


Living today is also accepting our human condition, our fragility, our finiteness, recognizing that we are limited beings, that we make mistakes, that we have defects, that we suffer pain. But it is also valuing our strengths, our virtues, our abilities, our joys, assuming challenges, changes, risks, failures, learning from them and moving forward.


Living today is a challenge that requires a positive, optimistic and hopeful attitude. It is an invitation not to let ourselves be overcome by fear, anguish, sadness or discouragement. It is a proposal not to settle for what we have, but to find what we want. It is a way of not giving up our freedom, our dignity, our happiness.


Living today is a way of "burning" our lives in order to have the joy of dying satiated. It is a philosophy that inspires us to be better people, to do better works, to leave better footprints, to overcome our internal and external conflicts. It has to be the motivation that drives us to grow personally and professionally.


Living today is an art that we can cultivate with our will, with our intelligence and with our hearts, a gift that we can offer to ourselves and others, an opportunity that we cannot waste.

Live today as if it were your last day, do what you have to do today because you don't know if you will be alive tomorrow, knowing that today you are living fully.


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