Live Streaming Apps That Can Be Used to Share Lectures

Education is more accessible to students around the world because of Internet learning. It gives students the opportunity to study remotely and attend classes in another part of the world no matter the place a student is. Students with day occupations can sign in to finish their schoolwork at night. The breakdown of Covid 19 has also made the usefulness of online learning come to light. Specifically, live streaming is an exceptionally valuable technology for distance learning. The video takes into account real-time communication and a virtual classroom-like feel.

Additionally, capturing lectures enables teachers to save and transfer the videos for students to playback on the off chance that they missed the meeting or need to return and re-watch part of the lecture. Educational foundations need to put resources into appropriate video streaming software to rejuvenate live streaming classrooms. Below are some live streaming applications and platforms that can be used by educational organizations to share lectures.



Panopto features a smooth, streamlined interface that is built with educational institutions top of mind. It simplifies live streaming and lecture recording, flipped classroom videos, assignment videos, school events, and more. The simple drag and drop functionality lets users rapidly upload videos which are automatically converted for optimal playback by Panopto. It has specified apps for Mac, PC, and mobile which can record what is on screen or through linked cameras. Users can integrate presentations from PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides to share with their virtual audience. This platform automatically indexed videos to the instructor’s speech and on-screen text. It lets students discover and quickly forward to a particular word, term, or expression. Panopto integrates with different hardware encoders.

It simplifies recording and stream with high-quality cameras and professional sound gadgets. Users can completely automate lectures dependent on scheduled lecture times and furthermore control campus AV systems remotely through the Panopto Remote Recorder mobile application. It incorporates various features like an online video editor that allows users to manage content, insert quizzes, upload slides, and sync video to them, and for documents with discrete ISOs switch between cameras. Users can analyze the activity, health, and size of the campus video library through a robust video analytics dashboard and reporting system. It is a simple-to-use app that integrates well with all LTI supported LMSs. 



Dacast's online video education platform is an incredible alternative for small instructors and significant institutions. It assists in both live streaming and on-demand video hosting. This platform is appropriate for conference-style virtual classes as the new Zoom integration makes ongoing latency streaming possible. It supports monetization features, for example, pay-per-view, memberships, and advertisement-based on-demand video. It also offers features like password-protected streaming, IP address restrictions, and geographic restrictions. It incorporates M3U8 media links to stream to mobile and smart TV applications like Roku, Apple TV, and so on.

This live streaming application allows multi-bitrate streaming for live video and VOD, live stream recording. It also provides real-time video streaming analytics. Dacast offers four different pricing plans. The pricing for live streaming for education solutions begins at $39/month. Likewise, it provides custom pricing for higher volume streaming. The platform is ideal for organizations and schools with a huge video-on-demand library. It is great if you have enormous instructors making content for various subjects and courses.

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, it is the very first tool that appears to overcome the gap between consumer tools and more professional platforms. Truth be told, it is a paid-for tool that requires more significant speculation. Livestream has been one of the first platforms to launch a genuine device coordinated with the MeVo camera. It offers a free version of the product that integrates with Facebook Live, Periscope, and numerous platforms. The features are very best in class and very event cordial. Livestream incorporates a mind-boggling array of cutting-edge devices, for example, white labeling, multi-bitrate streaming, and that is just the beginning.

It includes the MeVo camera as an independent solution for more small occasions and the Broadcaster pro, an extra tool that transforms any camera into a transmission-ready gadget. Users can run your live stream on your site or utilize the mix with well-known social platforms. This platform is highly compatible with Android and iPhone as well as Mac and Windows. A free trial of this live streaming platform is accessible for 30 days. The basic version is for $42 per month, and the Premium is $199 each month.


Hippo Video:

It is an all-in-one online video classroom tool for education. It deals with the whole video process from making, editing, hosting, and sharing to track. It is the all-inclusive resource programming for an online virtual classroom. It logically coordinates with Google Classroom, Google Slides, Google Docs, Gmail, and Desire2Learn LMS. There is no need to move up to get these incorporations, as when you sign in for Hippo Video, every one of the integrations is incorporated into it. You can pick between webcam, screen record, and sound option to begin recording.

Or then again, you can edit videos imported from any place. You can likewise utilize the Chrome Extension to record and narrate over your screen. With its speedy video editor, you can trim clips, cuts, crop videos, add text and emojis. It allows you to add limitless sound, video tracks, add introduction and end cards with the video as well. You can also set privacy, passwords to secure your videos. You can also view stats and analytics of video performance on different channels. It also offers guest video recording links. It also lets you transform your short videos into GIFs quickly. 



Zype falls in the category of very advanced live streaming platforms. It is video platforms that oversee live streaming as a component of their offering. It contains very cutting-edge features which include, video monetization, video management, analytics, and analytics to instant video-on-demand deployment. It offers extraordinary potential for post stream video deployment with incredible monetization opportunities. There are specific video distribution alternatives for various client inclinations, including Apple TV, Roku, WordPress, and more. It is a paid live streaming application, and the plan starts from $299 per month upward. This live streaming application is viable with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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I might be using one of these in my online class as zoom is so overrated likewise with streamyard. Thanks for sharing this.

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