Meta Ads Manager Adds AI Generative Features to Help Advertisers Improve Performance

One of the new features is called "Creative Generator." This feature uses AI to create new ad creatives based on a campaign's existing assets.

This can help advertisers save time and effort in creating new ads, and it can also help them generate more creative and effective ads.

Another new feature is called "Targeting Recommendations." This feature uses AI to identify potential audiences for a campaign.

This can help advertisers target their campaigns more effectively and reach the right people with their ads.

Some of the features released by Meta in Ads Manager include Background Generation: This feature can create multiple backgrounds that complement the advertiser's product images. This allows advertisers to customize their creative assets for different audiences.

Image Expansion, a feature to easily adjust creative assets to match different aspect ratios across different media, such as feed or Reels, allowing advertisers to save time and resources in re-creating the creative assets.

Text Variation, is a feature to generate multiple versions of ad text based on what the advertiser has already prepared, highlighting the selling points of their product or service, and giving them multiple text options that can reach their audience more effectively.

These features use artificial intelligence to create more engaging and effective ads, as well as to help advertisers target their campaigns more effectively.

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