Mining crypto on your mobile – my experiences (good and bad) using 4 different mining apps!

First off, I have experimented with mobile mining apps and faucets over the past couple of months and have found mobile mining apps to be the least intrusive to my day, requiring less time commitment and earning more value in shorter time, whilst actually all teaching me something in the process.

You can read my article on the time value of faucets here and make up your own mind:


The following 4 mobile mining apps are ones that I have personally tried and I am still using these today. I have ditched all the crypto faucets.

Pi Network app (on Google Playstore)

My introduction to mining crypto on my mobile came when I started mining Pi which was recommended to me by my brother. They are in testnet phase at the moment, heading for mainnet, and have an app, a browser, nodes and a wallet (latter in testing phase). This project was set up by Stanford University PhDs and looks to be one that should be successful in implementation. They currently have about 15m miners. Pi currently does not have a market value and is not listed on any exchanges as it is still in testnet stage but they are hoping to be picked up by exchanges after Mainnet. This is my favourite mining app and crpto mobile mining project at the moment.

You can download the app here:

Use my username (711heaven) as your invitation code if you want to earn 1 Pi to start you off, and to earn an ongoing uplift in your mining rate per hour (explained below).

 Once you are up and running on the app you will need to go to your profile and verify your mobile phone number (simply using it to register yourself on the app does not count as the verification stage). If you don’t verify your number then any Pi tokens you mine or any rewards that you get from your security circle will be lost. On the same basis, if any members of your security circle do not verify their mobile numbers, you will not get your security reward based on their membership of your circle.

So how it works is this:

1)      You mine Pi tokens/currency on a 24 hour cycle, and are required to restart the timer every 24 hours. Your mining will be paused when each 24 hour cycle ends and will only start again when you reconfirm your security circle and reset the timer; a lot easier than it sounds :-)

I would therefore recommend that you have the 24 hour timer start at a time convenient to you and set a reminder on your phone to do the quick reset (literally takes a few seconds to reset). At the moment you mine at a rate of 0.1 Pi per hour as a Pioneer but as explained below, this is increased through a few extra steps.

 2)   You can earn up to an additional 0.1 Pi per hour as a Contributor by creating your own security circle and having up to 5 security connections in your security circle. Your security circle are trusted members (these should be family and friends that you actually trust who are also signed up to the Pi network – you don’t have to have signed them up yourself!) Note: You can all add each other to your respective circles. The app allows you to connect with your phonebook and then pops a little Pi icon next to each phone number in your book that is already signed up to the Pi network so you can manually add them to your circle. You don’t need permission from anyone to add them to your circle either as all you are doing is confirming to the network that you know and trust this existing user. This is how Pi works on: a security circle – proof of trust basis. Every 24 hours, miners have to reconfirm trust in their security circle to validate the network. Although you only earn 0.02 Pi per security connection (up to 5 members in your circle), I would recommend having more than 5 in case some leave the network or fail to verify their mobile numbers.

 3)      You can then earn additional Pi as an Ambassador by inviting new pioneers to join the network. Tip: if you have been signed up by someone else, both the referrer and referee can add each other under the Ambassador section :-) You will both earn 0.05 Pi per hour for doing this and for each additional person you sign up to Pi whether they are in your security circle or not. The app will also inform you if one of the people you signed up is not active on the app and you can ping them to reset their timer, as you only earn from them while they are active.

On the app front page you can see your current live Pi balance as it increases. You can also see latest news from Pi team, the chat icon for separate chats with Pi team and other Pi miners, and your current earning rate per hour. If you know your earning rate, you can tell straight away if one of your sign ups is inactive as the value per hour will have dropped. Then just click on the green value per hour rate and it will take you to another screen where you can ping the inactive members. If the rate is showing a 0 it means your 24 hour timer has expired and you need to click on the Pi rate and go to the next screen to reconfirm your security circle and reset the timer. It's all quite simple in practice.

 It all works really well and the Pi team seem very much on the ball. The project is progressing nicely. The wallet transfers between members works well too. All in all an easy to use app to mine Pi on a project that looks like it will succeed.

 4)      You can also set up your own validation node on your pc. White paper available on the app.


Reflex (RFX) token - Reflex Cloud Mining App (on Google playstore)

This runs in 3 hour mining cycles and you need to reset this every 3 hours. There are currently only about 3k miners online at any one time probably due to the low value of the RFX token which is currently $0.00150327 USD at time of writing. You can trade RFX on the Uniswap exchange and you can stake a minimum of 500 RFX for periods from 1 month to 1 year, starting at 1.5% to 26% return. There are currently 5234 stakers staking a total of 8,595,077 RFX. If you stake in excess of 50k RFX you also earn a share of 5% of ad revenue over 3 months with other VIP stakers and if you stake in excess of 200k RFX then as a Partner staker you earn a share of 10% of ad revenue for 3 months plus have access to other partner benefits.

Each 100 RFX is worth about 10c (US) and if you only mine, then this is not a big earner at present. You can also earn RFX on by writing articles and having your RFX earned on Topixer credited to your RFX account on the app. I don’t always remember to reset the timer on this one but I keep it ticking over at least 50 % of the time and free passive income is still free passive income.

My personal RFX balance only seems to update for me if I refresh the app screen which then requires me to log in again using fingerprint recognition. Not a big deal but a bit irritating. The app is still in Beta state so this probably explains some of its quirks! You can earn extra RFX by doing surveys, and I have done a fair few successfully but often you get up to a 1/3 of the way through a survey and it pops up with a message that you are not a suitable candidate for the survey as the client has a different requirement in mind. They have, however, just recently started awarding a goodwill 0.3 RFX for the inconvenience when these occasions arise and the app then suggests a new survey for you.

You can download the app here:

Feel free to use code 597gc in the app under friends to earn 30 rfx to start you off.


Phoneum (PHT)  - Cloud Earning PHT App (on Google playstore)

Phoneum is also exchange listed like Reflex but has a low value at the moment being $0.0001986 USD at time of writing.

You earn PHT tokens by mining on the app. This has a long timer compared to the other apps and runs 24/7 for 7 days and then needs to be reset. You can see your live PHT mining balance on the face of the app and it gives you the current USD value too.

You can earn additional PHT by doing surveys, playing games, trying out apps etc and I can confirm that these credits are auto credited to your PHT balance. The credit usually happens within a few minutes but one of mine took a few days. They have all worked so far and the games are quite fun.

Once you have 20k of PHT you can stake it and earn up to 12% per year. I staked my full balance the other day and am just waiting to reach threshold again to stake the next lot.

Again, not a big earner at the moment but it’s passive free income and does not require much time input and is rather a fun way to get into mining and staking. I prefer this app to the Reflex app.

 You can download the app here:

Download Now:

Sign up now and get 200 PHT Bonus. Use code ge4pxnxk to claim your bonus.


Stormgain mining app (on Google Playstore)

This app mines BTC but not for immediate ownership. Stormgain is an exchange and they encourage people to join their trading platform by providing a free BTC mobile mining app.

Any BTC that you mine can be moved to the exchange (requires a minimum of 10 USDT /Tether equivalent value) and traded. The BTC mined does not belong to you but any profit you make using it to trade on the exchange is yours to keep. The exchange takes a small commission on all trades. It doesn’t cost you anything but is a nice way to get some exposure to trading in a safe and secure manner that doesn’t expose you financially.

They have loads of learning video clips that take you through the process of learning about mining, staking, trading, leverage, candles etc and they have a demo trading platform where you can practise before you use your mined BTC value. I have just started watching the video clips so can’t really comment much on them yet but it looks like a good hand holding app that guides you through the learning curve and enables the average Joe/Josephine to wet their feet on the trading floor without getting burnt. I really like this app too and have a feeling I may grow to love it the more I learn about and play with the trading functionality.

You can download the app here:

In conclusion:

These apps are all relatively easy to install and get familiar with and easy to maintain on a daily basis. You also get to learn about staking and trading while you go about earning free passive income and can increase your crypto earnings by variously doing linked surveys, playing games, writing articles and trying out new apps in exchange for crypto rewards that get credited directly to your app balance.

RFX and PHT  allow you to withdraw your balance as fiat or hold or stake as the currencies are exchange listed, but their values are quite low at the moment. Stormgain allows you to trade and then withdraw your profits from the exchange as fiat. Pi is moving towards Mainnet and will hopefully get picked up by an exchange soon after Mainnet. Time will tell if any of these mining apps will be worthwhile earners but they do provide a lot of fun, engagement and learning opportunity in the process, and for me, this is worth the small time investment alone.

Let me know what you think of these apps if you currently use them and if any are new to you and you download them as a result of this article, please share your thoughts too.


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