My love and with his ex-wife

They got divorced due to religious differences. Despite being divorced for a year and not having any children together, they still frequently communicate and greatly value each other.

Why do I still agree to date my boyfriend? Because I genuinely love him. He is a kind, outstanding and considerate man who treats me well.
His ex-wife is two years younger than him, not overly attractive but intelligent, dignified, and comes from a good family. I have met her a few times when they were still married (because he used to be my boss).

I have to admit that until now, I have had no reason to hate her. She now has a new man who is also an exceptional man and not lacking in any way compared to my boyfriend. Most importantly, they share the same religious beliefs. She is being paid attention by both men, although they both say that she is a very independent woman.

My boyfriend openly said that because she was the one who initiated the divorce, he agreed to maintain contact to gradually adapt to the new situation, otherwise, he would be resentful.

He only changed his attention back to her after she married someone else.

My boyfriend used to be my boss. We understand each other and have a lot in common. I am still young, seven years younger than him. Since I started dating him, I have always been very happy whenever I am with him.

We have the support of our families and acquaintances, and my love for my boyfriend has helped me become a better person, so I’ve decided to patiently wait.

However, I still want to hear other people’s advice.


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