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What is the TTCoin?

The TTcoin is a new cryptocurrency, TRC20 compliant token created on the Tron (TRX) blockchain network, as at March 24, 2021. The partnership with Tron, Trust Wallet, ProBit Global, etc., has distributed to users’ cloud mining from their smartphones which can be downloaded from google play store and coming soon on AppStore.

In a very short time, TTcoin has reached huge audiences around the world. This led to a change in the distribution plan and small profits. Apart from that, mining will continue indefinitely. You can earn more TTcoins with referral earnings.Click here to access the TTCoin Network

What is the TRC20 network?

This Networks used by digital wallets to send, receive or share digital assets between wallet addresses. The ERC-20 network has strong firewalls built on the blockchain base and consists of secure smart contracts.

What is TTcoin Network?

Before TTcoin enters the stock market, it is a mining application that it offers for android devices for now to distribute some TTcoin to users. You can safely login to TTcoin Network only with your google account. You make a profit every 24 hours. TTcoin will not be added to your account before the 24 hours are over. TTcoin is distributed according to the distribution schedule. Anyone who has 30 thousand TTcoin in their account can withdraw TTcoin to their cold wallet.Click here to access the TTCoin Network

The Road Map for TT Coin:

         i.            June 2021 - Mining Application will be made.  Application Updates will be made. Bugs will be fixed. Version 4.0 Update will be done.

       ii.            20 July 2021 - It will be listed on Justswap. New Representatives will be appointed. Advertising marketing will be launched.

     iii.            25 August 2021 - It will be listed on the Koinbazar Exchange. New updates will be made. The number of representatives and groups will be increased.

     iv.            30 September 2021 - Listing on Bilaxy exchange

       v.            23 October 2021 - Being Listed on the ProBit Exchange. Database Updates.

     vi.            10 December 2021 - New Cryptocurrency TTcoin Classic Will Be Created. TTcoin will make a splash with its promotions and projects around the world.

Start Mining you TTCoin by just a click of a button. Click here to access the TTCoin Network 

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