Pawns: Another Way To Generate Passive Income (Fiat Money And/Or Cryptocurrencies).



Passive income is income that we obtain automatically, without having to dedicate time or effort to it. It is a way of earning money that allows us to have more financial freedom, flexibility and economic peace of mind. There are multiple ways, ways and methods to obtain passive income, some of the best known are:


📌 Savings accounts, which give you interest on the money you deposit.

📌 Bank deposits, which offer a fixed return for a certain period.

📌 Investments in the stock market or cryptocurrencies, where benefits are obtained from the variation in the prices of shares and/or crypto assets.

📌 Property rentals, which generate income from the use of your space.

📌 Online courses, where you receive commissions for every sale you make.

📌 Electronic books, where you earn a percentage for every download you get or sale you make.

📌 Mobile applications, which generate profits for each download or use that users make.

📌 Etc, etc, etc.


As you can see, there are many ways to generate passive income, but they all have something in common: they require an initial investment, whether in money, time or knowledge. In addition, some of them have associated risks, such as market volatility, competition, piracy or obsolescence. However, today I will tell you about a platform that allows you to generate passive income online in a different way, without having to invest anything, without risks and without complications. The only thing you need is an Internet connection and a device that you can connect to the network, such as a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone.


This is Pawns, an application that pays you to share the bandwidth that you are not using on your Internet connection with companies that need it for various services, such as price analysis, brand protection or content delivery. In addition, they also allow you to earn money by completing surveys. However, the "most interesting" thing about Pawns, so to speak, is affiliate marketing, a topic that I will expand on later.


To start generating passive income with Pawns, you just have to follow these steps:


📌 Create a free account on Pawns and download the application on the device you want to use (PC, Cell, etc).

📌 Install the application and connect the device to the Internet.

📌 Run the application, which will securely share your Internet connection without accessing your personal data.

📌 Receive your payments in cryptocurrencies, cash or gift cards, for the traffic you share, paid surveys you complete, friends you invite to join the platform or for the raffles and promotions in which you participate.




As you can see, it is that easy to earn money with Pawns, without doing anything more than connecting your device to the Internet and letting the application do the rest.


And Pawns has many advantages that make it one of the best options to generate passive income online. Some of them are:


📌 It is easy to use as it does not require any technical knowledge or any special configuration. You just have to download the application, install it and run it.

📌 It is safe because it respects your privacy and protects your security. It does not access your personal data or your browsing history. Additionally, it encrypts all traffic that passes through the network, so there is no way to identify users or clients.

📌 It is transparent, it shows at all times how much you are earning and why. It also allows you to choose the level of traffic you want to share and the payment method you prefer.

📌 It's profitable, it pays you for the traffic you share, regardless of the speed or quality of your connection. The longer you keep the app active, the more you will earn. In addition, as I mentioned before, it offers you other ways to increase your income, such as surveys, invitations or raffles.

📌 For many it will be fun, allowing you to be part of a community of more than a million users who share their experiences, advice and opinions. It also offers you educational and entertaining content, such as videos, articles or games.




I purposely left one of the most effective ways to increase your passive income with Pawns for last (by the way, it is the one I prefer) and that is by inviting your friends to join the platform. This way, not only will you be doing them a favor by sharing an opportunity to make money without doing anything, but you will also benefit from their activity.


The Pawns platform has a very generous referral system, which rewards you for every friend who signs up with your unique link and for every payment they receive. Is that how it works:


📌 For every friend who signs up with your link, you receive an initial $1 bonus and so does your friend.

📌 For every payment your friend receives, you receive another $1 bonus and so does your friend. This repeats up to three times, so you can earn up to $3 for each payment from your friend.

📌 In addition to the bonuses, you receive a permanent percentage of 10% of your friend's earnings. That is, if your friend earns $100 a month, you receive $10 without doing anything.




As you can see, inviting your friends to Pawns is a very smart way to multiply your passive income online, the more friends you invite, the more money you will earn. And the best of all is that there is no referral limit, so you can invite as many as you want.


I'm going to take advantage of the fact that I already made reference to affiliate marketing to make some final comments that may be useful to you.


Affiliate marketing is a digital marketing strategy in which one company (advertiser) pays a commission to another person or company (affiliate) for promoting their products or services and generating sales or conversions. The affiliate uses its own communication channels, such as its website, blog, social networks or email, to spread the advertiser's message and attract potential customers. This affiliate marketing is performance-based, that is, the affiliate only gets paid if they achieve the result desired by the advertiser, which can be a click, a registration, a purchase, etc. To measure this result, unique links or codes are used that identify the affiliate and allow their activity to be tracked.


Also say that affiliate marketing has benefits for both the advertiser and the affiliate. The advertiser can expand their reach, increase their traffic, generate more sales and pay only for the results. The affiliate can monetize their audience, offer valuable content, generate passive income and choose the products or services that best suit their niche.


Pawns can therefore be considered an affiliate marketing platform, as it allows you to earn money by promoting its service of sharing the unused bandwidth of your Internet connection. When you sign up for Pawns, you receive a unique link that you can share with your friends, family, followers or contacts. As I explained above, for each person who joins Pawns with your link, you will receive a commission and a percentage of their earnings. In this way, Pawns offers you an opportunity to generate passive income online in two ways: by sharing your Internet connection and by sharing your referral link. Both ways are easy, safe and will consume very little of your time, allowing you to be part of a community of more than a million users who are already taking advantage of this opportunity.




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Do you know other platforms?


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