Ramadan Has Just Came


Who knows if we'll stay alive tomorrow, or even after 1 hour.


Ramadan Has just came, it's been only 5 days, but what have we done? Will we even miss this ramadan with nothing to be completed, no goals to finish this ramadan!

I'm not saying that you should only work in ramadan, but if we didn't work in ramadan then when will we start? Start with a small beginning, maybe 1 or 2 pages of quran reading a day, it's not that hard only 3 minutes from your time.

You will realize after some time that you starting loving the quran, you'll be waiting for the time you read quran and that is a good start.

Try hearing quran in your free time rather than hearing only music that won't give you anything more than sins

What about devils?

Devils are in their prison they are jailed during this month, so all your sins you make aren't from the devil Telling you, it's from you and yourself..


Siam maqbool 


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