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  • Dashboard
  • Extra
  • Stake
  • Friends
  • Daily Contest
  • Live Stream
  • Exchanges & Price
  • Special Bonus
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • Advertisement
  • Rate the App


At the section Dashboard, is where you start the miner. At this moment the miner is set at 3 hours. So you can start the miner every 3 hours.

At the section Extra, you will find the boost. It will cost you 2RFX for 6 hours of boost.

At the Stake section, you can find ways to stake. There is only 1 STAKE possible at a time. So choose wisely.

Stake 1 month get +1.5%

Stake 3 months get +5%

Stake 6 months +11%

Stake 12 months +26%

At the section Friends you can add your friends. Your friends will get 30RFX free. And you will get 5% of their mining. My code is bsq1y

At the Daily Contest you can win if you mine the most.

At the Live Stream you can watch at Twitch. You will earn LRFX. Which is the same value as RFX. It needs to go online. Live sessions are random.

Watching Live stream: Earn 1 LRFX every 10 minutes

Following the channel: Gives you an additional 10 LRFX

You can give a tip of 1USD and you will get 50LRFX

If you have a subscribtion at Amazone Prime you will recieve 150 LRFX

You also earn cheers while watching the live stream. Every 100bits are 50 LRFX

At the Exchanges & Price section, you can find the price of Reflex. And which exchanges it is currently using.

Exchange: ABIT

UNISWAP: Search on contract number 0x159A1dFAe19057de57dFfFcbB3DA1aE784678965

Price: Can be found inside the app



At the Special Bonus section, you can find 10 RFX every 24hours. 

At the Deposit section, you can find how to deposit your purchased RFX into your cloud mining app.

Once you have bought some RFX you can send it to the following RFX wallet address


After this you need to wait untill you recieve a transaction hash.

You can find it in the exchange or wallet you are using. 

Or search it on an ethereum blockexplorer. I mostly use ETHERSCAN.

After this you fill in the form. And send it. To make the process faster you can always go to their telegram channel.

Uniswap needs ethereum to make a transaction. 

ABIT will use 500 RFX as a fee.

At the Withdraw section, you can withdraw your RFX. Any erc20 wallet will fit. At this moment EXCHANGES ARE NOT SUPPORTED.

Examples of erc20 wallets are Metamask, Atomic wallet, Trustwallet,...

Reflex recommend Trustwallet. The latest update allows you to search for RFX.

Other wallet's you might need to use the contract number to add the Reflex token. Decimal is 8. 

Minimal withdrawel is set to 2000 RFX.

When the ethereum gasfee is too high, withdrawels will be prosponed

At the Advertisement section, you can ask for an advertisement. There are banner ads and push notification.

You can fill in a form and you will receive more information about the price.

Advertising form for Reflex

You can pay in BTC, ETH and even in RFX.

Push notifications are more expensive. Allthough an advertising is really cheap. With good results.

(tried it out myself).

At the Rate the App section, you can rate the app on Play Store.



Do not use multiple accounts. Like with every crypto miner or faucet. If you do. You will not know when you get banned. But you will be banned without any notice or explanation.

Do not use fake friends. 


Website: reflextoken

Telegram channel: @reflextoken It gives very good support.

Please be advised. The app is in beta. And is and can be changed without notice to find the right balance.


Reflex cloud mining


This cloud miner is only available on ANDROID. You can find more info at reflextoken

You can download the program at Play Store.

It's a cloud miner. So your cpu time and battery usage will not be used intensively. The mining is done in the cloud.

It is a token and runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

My friend code is


You can add this to get 30RFX for free. 

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