Rwandan farmers take advantage of Chinese opportunities.

Diego Twahirwa, a chilli farmer in Rwanda, has been exporting his produce to China since 2019. Although he exports to some European capitals as well, he views China as the steadiest market and he has a growing clientele there.


“The good relationship between China and Rwanda has enabled farmers like me to realise our dreams. The Chinese market is quite unique when compared to the rest because they accept a wide range of goods without big ­complications,” Twahirwa tells The Africa Report.


The relationship was sealed by President Xi Jinping’s visit to Rwanda in 2018. In September last year, Twahirwa signed a life-changing agreement worth $100m with China’s Chinese GK International Enterprises to supply 50,000tn of chilli annualy for five years.

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Moon Namgung - Apr 18, 2021, 12:23 PM - Add Reply

중국은 믿을만한 나라인가? 사람이 먹는 걸로 장난치는 나라는 가장 비열한 집답니다

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