Sony considering redesigning the PS5. Your thoughts?

Having trouble getting your hands on a PS5? Hiroki Tokori, Sony's CFO, confirmed that the shortage of semi-conductors is the reason behind Sony's inability to meet the demand of its next gen console. The solution? According to Tokori, redesigning the PS5 console.


While speculation suggest that the design will be entirely internal to counter the issue of needing as many semi-conductors as Sony currently needs, this gives Sony the chance to address design concerns that they are faced with- including the size of the console.


It is surprising that a new console would be redesigned, even if it's only internal design. By reducing the amount of silicon needed inside the machine less semi-conductors will be needed to speed up production. Although, there are also rumours of Sony changing the CPU of the console to give the PS5 a slight performance boost.


In the end, speeding up production is good news for all waiting to pick up a console. Do you think that a performance improvement will be met positively by those who already forked out hefty amounts on the current console or do you think it will be welcomed by the gaming community as long as demand increases? Let me know in the comments


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