Stand in line for the poor

If there is one thing most people have in common, it is daily worries: standing in line at the bank, ordering a plumber at home or even calling and ordering tickets for the show. This is where the concept of counsel comes into play. what is he saying? In short, everything. Most detail: VIP service around the clock, which includes handling all the stressful day-to-day matters.


A new company operates such a service in Tel Aviv. It offers its customers what it calls "personal management". Others may call this treatment "babysitting for adults". For a considerable fee, which they were not willing to disclose, customers receive a variety of services.



So what do the rich actually pay for? For the right not to come into contact with receptionists of different types, customer service representatives, professionals or various service providers. Did you receive registered mail? The company will go in your place to the branch to pick it up. Feel like going for a weekend in Switzerland? Someone will already call and book you places. And not to mention the production of stressful family events like Auntie's Birthday.


"You do not always have the time," say the Tel Aviv consulting firm. Its customers are by the way very busy, very stressed people, and money is not a problem for them. The queue and the argument with the counter clerk at the bank they prefer to leave to people a little less established. The price? 100 dollars.

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