Starting YouTube isn't easy, but needs a lot of work...

Starting Youtube

Part 1


Who doesn't know YouTube? Everyday we login to YouTube, check what's new in our feed, isn't that fun... But have you ever thought how hard it is to start your own channel??...


More to come 


Making A Start

Never Decide on anything if you haven't tried, try uploading your first video, get some experience from other channels you love and watch.

Become who you are, be creative, don't just copy others, no one will watch you then..


Start Thinking Of An Idea

Why Would someone look at your channel, why even bother themselves to look at it.

Ask this question to yourself and you should understand and know if your channel has something special that let's others tune in and leave watching other channels or it's not.


Money isn't everything

You shouldn't start your channel just to get money, you won't success then..

Part 2 coming soon


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