The £0 to £1000 challenge

A Quick Note

morning folks. This being my first time blogging here or in fact anywhere else online, I thought I would do something a little different, a little special and completely out of my depth to get the ball rolling. Now as i said this is my first time writing anything more than a few lines since school so apologies if i suck at it, any comments or suggestions on it are welcome. Now without any more waffle let's dive in.

The Bit You're Looking for

OK so as the cover stated, the goal of this challenge is to make £1k from scratch as quick as possible. I'm aiming for 1 month or under but to be honest I haven't put a huge amount of planning into it so it could take more or less time. In this article I want to lay out a little information about the challenge. As simple as it may be, I have set out 3 rules for it.

I'm only going to use a phone and laptop to complete the challenge.

The challenge will include making and earning cryptocurrency as well as fiat currency. 

I will not be buying and selling cryptocurrency for profit. 

I think these rules make it a bit easier to follow if you choose too and a bit more interesting then. "I 10x'ed something on coinbase and got it done in a day or two" how dull would that be to read?

Now as I mentioned before my target for this challenge is 1 month so to stop it becoming a massive textbook of a post I'm planning to drop a post with what and how we got on weekly until either we complete it (yay) or it becomes clear this is a massive balls up and im a complete idiot for trying it. Who knows,


I think that just about covers it all. The next post will cover how I got on with week one and hope you are as excited for it as I am and that this was not too much of a hard read.


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