The Book of Flying

This is my first post on, that is why I would love to start with the post and the book that started it all for me and it must be about the book that is always going to be close to my heart. I believe you must appreciate and speak as much about something that is great and spread it as much as you can so others can benefit and profit from it also.


Originally published: 2004
Author: Keith Miller
Genres: Fantasy Fiction, Adventure fiction

This book is on top of the list of my favourite books, and it has many reasons for that.

I bought this book only because I wanted to help the bookseller and was not expecting anything special coming out of it, mainly due to the cover design, and didn't even read it for almost a year after I bought it. I confess that I was wrong because I never judge a book by its cover, and this book proves the saying perfectly. After I read it and found out that this book was not popular; I knew it was due to the cover. I recommend it to everyone who is reading this text. I felt every emotion possible while reading it. It made me sad and happy. Made me laugh and cry. Made me hate and love. I am not going to give anything away because I want you to feel every word you read just like I felt. In simple words, this book is an endless rollercoaster ride of emotions and feelings.

Warning: I am a very open-minded person, but still, I feel some parts are not for young readers, so I call it a book for adult readers.

Rating: 100/100
Recommended: 100/100 YES.


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