The Cryptic Crypto Theory 101

What if i told you that Cryptocurrency is cryptic in nature? That its just a highly difficult puzzle that only some will solve? Or that one may be able to work out exact dates and correlate it with price targets based on the name and entire history of any particular crypto coin?

Bitcoin uses cryptography or cryptology to create and manage the coins. Crypto comes from the greek word kryptós, which means "hidden" or "secret", and graphein, which means to write or study. Its used for practicing techniques of private communication, whilst at the same time blocking out third party adversaries that linger within the blockchain, which already proves to us that it is actually, a "secret code", with the enemies (adversaries) trying to break in and steal information.

Then there is Ethereum. Well lets break down the word to see if we can find any clues. Ether, in chemistry is a highly flammable "volatile" liquid that is used as anesthetic, and an "intermediate" in industrial processes. Literary, It also means the air beyond the clouds And "Eum", can be abbreviated to, examining under microscope. So if we combine that and ETH's chart history, we can see that Ethereum definitely is a volatile coin, in some senses we could argue that it somewhat has acted like a "highly flammable liquid", catching the fire from its big brother, Mr Bitcoin, and we've all heard the speculation that it may one day be the first cryptocurrency to out do Bitcoin and head north (so to speak) "above the clouds", and, we can all agree that it is a coin that definitely should be "EUM" or, examined under a microscope.

Then there is Ripple XRP. So far, this one has been the easiest to work out. XRP has never been able to sustain an ongoing bull market in its entire history, it basically goes up and comes back down, over and over again, just like the waves in the ocean flow in "ripples".

My last point. Cryptocurrency can be mined just like gold and silver. Not in the mining fields, but in the blockchain. So maybe a better name for it would be, "CryptoCommodities"? Maybe we'll just have to wait and see. back up my "Cryptic Crypto Theory"101..


"It doesnt matter how big the tsunami, the waves will "always" destined to come crashing all the way back down to sea level". #ripples 😎

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