The Joy of Earning Crypto while You Learn

Each day I read some amazing articles of people doing great things in the pursuit of financial freedom and to give back and help others on Leofinance and on many of the other associated Hive tribes.

A Breath of fresh air
I always find these type of posts a refreshing change from the hateful content you see elsewhere on the MS social media platforms which have become so toxic nowadays

These articles also help not only by giving back to those that are in need who are working hard to earn a little income from their efforts but also the community in general, who benefit immensely overall through positive and meaningful engagement.

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Helpful Tips
I have personally found many of these articles both extremely educational and useful in many ways such as finding tips on how to use the vote weight multiplier in Leodex in an article by @cryptoandcoffee who describes the vote weight multiplier as the best tool for growth on the Hive which I believe describes a great method to give more votes to others of a less percentage but with the same weight of wealth attached to each once you have staked and built up your power as a curator.

This is something I have done myself after reading the article although I am not sure my vote carries any weight just yet but I am working hard so that it will do in the future as I use my earnings form learning or at least the majority of them to stake and build my curation and power.

Learning to Build up Power

Because of this I have managed to stake my first Leo and POB tokens, which I am really proud of doing and again I learned to do this after engagement with another very helpful community member @fredrikaa who wrote another great and inspiring article in @POB
and then @regenerette replied with this added wealth of Knowledge


**These are the wonderful things you learn by engaging and asking useful questions**

At this stage I was feeling kind of chuffed with myself on a good day spent learning about the Hive tribes and how to improve my usage, power and curation when @hetty-rowan dropped a bombshell article.

I want more LEO ... so decided to powerdown

At first I was taken back by the heading, but sometimes things aren't always as they seem, my curiosity got the better of me as to whey on earth someone would want to power down unless of course that person was having financial difficulties, how wrong I was and learned some more valuable information about using powered down leo tokens converted to CUB in CUB-defi a decentralized platform to stake CUB tokens to generate further profits, but this wasn't the only reason @hetty-rowan was doing this, betty had a pure motive at heart to use the earned tokens to re-stake in Leo and maximize her power so that her votes would have a higher value for those in need that she upvoted, Wow today has been very productive and mainly because of the above mentioned authors some of whom have been extremely helpful. **SO....**


I decided that what I learned should be shared with others as many people would not only benefit from the direct knowledge but also by the knowledge of the power of engaging with others in the hope that they will find that engagement can also be a very valuable tool to learn as well as by helping to grow the Leofinance tribe, great things can happen if you are just willing to try.

Learning doesn't have to be difficult, it can be fun and nothing is more fun than earning while you learn, so have some fun, engage, ask questions and get the answers you seek, but also make some friends along the way you might just be glad that you did.

Thank you for reading, If you found that your engagement has helped you to learn or understand something new, then that is half the battle, if you enjoyed this article bang that **upvote** and hammer down that **rehive**, it will help me to reach new people and gain some followers and I would very much appreciate that.

A like, post or Tip would also be nice.

Thank You


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