The laborious entry into force of the migration agreement between the EU and Tunisia

Correspondent in Brussels


The external aspect of migration is a centerpiece of the migration pact, this set of texts that Brussels and almost all leaders hope to see adopted by spring 2024 at the latest, before the European elections. During their stay in Granada , there was a lot of talk about it. By external aspect, we must understand all these agreements that the EU wants to establish with countries of origin and transit to contain irregular arrivals and facilitate the return of migrants who cannot claim the right to asylum.

A sign of the importance of the subject, it was the subject of a very first reflection within the framework of the European Political Community (EPC), this club of around fifty leaders from the Old Continent also gathered in the Andalusian city. The British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak , invited his French, Italian, Dutch and Albanian counterparts to a meeting to try to lay the first stones for future collaborations. London…

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