The man who slapped Emmanuel Macron, the French president, is now in prison.

Damien Tarel,

The man who slapped Emmanuel Macron, the French president, is now in prison.

  The author of the slap on Emmanuel Macron, sentenced to 18 months in prison, including 4 closed.

 We would have liked as much speed and severity for Benalla, author of much more serious violence, who moreover illegally wearing a Police badge!

 A complacent pain with us,  in Africa such a person would already be executed and thrown to the crocodiles.

 Why condemn the author? It's freedom of speech, right?

 There are those who slap the face, and others who slap the confession which is more painful, and which Macron himself has defended and encouraged.

 At least everyone understood it was wrongdoing and justice has been served!

 But the security of the President of the Republic of France, who is an entire institution and the very symbol of the State 🇫🇷 should be reviewed because if this gentleman had used a firearm instead of the slap....

History would be written differently in France!!

 What courage and daring on his part.

 However, violence cannot be justified ...

 Unfortunately, he reaps what he sowed.

His photo will be at the national museum, to mark the history of the world.

 In our personal lives we still do not manage to fulfill all our forecasts, but then why dream that the politicians will fulfill all their promises?

 Let's carry our lives first because even in the worst of times strong people pull their pins out of the game.

 And we are primarily responsible for our situations!.

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